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Investor Helpers is a Real Estate Investment Consulting firm located in Plymouth, Michigan. Specializing in Real Estate in the Metro Detroit area, we are a valuable asset to beginning investors and experienced investors alike. Our team of consultants can help you make the best decisions and find the best properties to give you the most return for your money. We are best known for our “One Stop Shop” approach to the Real Estate Investing Business, and our real estate training seminars and real estate investing workshops give you the knowledge to navigate real estate investing with confidence.

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Detroit and the Metro Detroit area is a great place for real estate investors to invest today. If you live in L.A., San Fransisco, New York, Chicago or any other area where the cost to purchase homes has risen so much it is difficult to purchase and rehab at a profit, then you should be taking a closer look at Detroit. Investor Helpers can be your local connection to help you invest in Real Estate in Metro Detroit.


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